Team Shipload visited Batam on June 9, 2017 to meet with the less fortunate and do its small part to help them.

Stop 1: Batam Polytechnic

The first stop in the visit was the Batam Polytechnic. The objective of the visit was to support less fortunate, high performing students and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Shipload plans to work with the Polytechnic for internships that will allow students the opportunity to a profession or industry.

Stop 2: At-Taqwa Orphanage

The second stop in Batam was at the At-Tawqa orphanage. Shipload went on a shopping spree to buy things such as rice, cooking oil,  bath soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, biscuits and light snacks  for the children. Shipload also provided funds for expansion of the orphanage.

Stop 3: Yayasan Pondok Al-Fateh

The final stop in Batam was at the Yayasan Pondok Al-Fateh, which offers a safe place for orphans as well as provides medical treatment of sick people and medical procedures to those in need. Shipload provided a donation to the institute towards their charitable work.

Overall it was a very fulfilling day for Team Shipload – both in seeing the smiles on the faces of children and administrators of the institutions they visited, as well as the satisfaction in making a difference in the lives of people.