Shipload maritime group has over 30 years of exceptional track record in energy logistics and the premier pan asian Ship-to-Ship (STS) provider with operational readiness in 5 countries and growing, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, South Korea and Japan. Besides the conventional liquid fuels, bitumen and LPG, we have an LNG STS team. Shipload has our own equipment in the geographic areas we serve to ensure quality standards and readiness.

We are committed to providing exceptional, efficient and steadfast service to our over 150 customers including most of the international oil companies and traders. Shipload is an established and reputable icon that has built and secured strong and favourable ties with its customers over the years, generating a pool of satisfied clientele through our first class customer service and top-notch management. Our corporate culture espouses strong ethical standards and a penchant to being a responsible corporate citizen with active community development and environmental care activities.

We have a cadre of word-class lightering masters and POACS with experience in oil tankers accompanied by their excellent track record in ship-handling to conduct and execute your STS operations. Moving forward, Shipload will also expand in the logistics technology areas catered to our customer requirements.


Business Activities

  • Ship To Ship Transfer STS Operations for Crude, Petroleum products, Chemical and LPG tankers
  • Qualified Marine Advisors for Pilotage and Tug services for exempted vessels
  • Qualified Marine coordinator for towage of oil rigs and semi-submersibles between the shipyards to sea and anchorage
  • Qualified Marine Advisors for Pilotage for ULCCs transiting Singapore and Malacca Straits
  • Qualified Marine Advisors for salvage operations involving lightering of casualty tankers and bulk-carriers
  • Marine Superintendency and Marine Consultancy Services
  • Suitability assessments of vessels for STS Operations
  • Inspection and Vetting of tugboat/support craft suitable for STS Operations