The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) invited Capt. Raymond Ambrose, CEO and Managing Director of Shipload Maritime Pte Ltd, to participate in the 35th annual Job of the Chief Executive (JOCE) programme which was attended by 29 C-suite participants mainly from the Asia-Pacific region.

“The business environment is dynamic. Leaders need to keep updated on the latest strategies and best market practices. JOCE facilitates this through multiple exchanges of ideas among a diverse group of top executives. My primary takeaway from JOCE is that human resource is the most valuable asset. This not only affirmed my organisation’s direction to develop each employee as a leader but gave me new insights on how to do it.”

Capt.Raymond Ambrose, CEO & Managing Director, Shipload Maritime Pte Ltd, JOCE Participant, 2015
Shipload Maritime Pte Ltd - Ship to Ship Transfer - MD Capt. Raymond Ambrose

Leading by example

Captain Ambrose busy at work with his team.


Click on the link to view his comments published online in the SIM 2015 Annual Report.