Career Programme at Bendemeer Secondary School, Singapore

 On 19th May 2016, the Bendemeer Secondary School Committee invited Capt. Raymond Ambrose to speak to Secondary 2 students as part of the School’s “Career Guidance Programme”.

In a landscape of diverse study and work options, knowledge of oil and gas (shipping) industry sector will help students make choices in education course and careers.

Below are images of Capt. Ambrose at the event interacting with the students.

  • Shipload_STS_Ship_to_ship_transfer_CSR_News_Capt. Raymond_and_Students5
  • Shipload_STS_Ship_to_ship_transfer_CSR_News_End_ofProg_Students
  • Shipload_STS_Ship_to_ship_transfer_CSR_News_End_ofProg_Students