Shipload Maritime Pte Ltd, Ship to Ship Cargo Transfer Operator, celebrated its 25th Anniversary in September 2013. Here is an article that traces Shipload’s origins, its growth and how it established itself as a top STS provider.

ship to ship operations - 25 years

Twenty Five Years of STS Experience and counting…..

 25th Anniversary Article -September 2013

Shipload Maritime Pte Ltd (Shipload), an internationally established maritime company specializing in Ship-to-Ship (STS) cargo transfer operations, is proud to commemorate its 25 years of dedicated service in the maritime sector. Committed to providing exceptional, efficient and steadfast service, Shipload is an established and reputable icon that has built and secured strong and favorable ties with its customers over the years, generating a pool of satisfied clientele through our first class customer service and top-notch management.

 A company with humble beginnings, Shipload, previously Shipload Marine Services, embarked on its journey of operations on 18th September 1988. The company originated in Singapore and was founded by Captain Fredric Chia; and it not only focuses its efforts on getting jobs done, but also consistently bettering itself and remaining prominent in the maritime industry. Embracing competition and tackling challenges, the company and its team of highly trained and dedicated employees always makes it a point to secure businesses and handle customers with a positive heart and zealous spirit.

 A one-stop centre for all STS operational requirements, Shipload not only concentrates its efforts on ship-to-ship transfer operations, but also acts as a marine advisor for transit between Malacca and Singapore Straits. It too advises salvage operations that involve the lightering of casualty tankers and bulk-carriers. In addition, the company coordinates towage of oilrigs and semi-submersibles, making Shipload a versatile, experienced and knowledgeable pioneer in its field of maritime expertise.

 For 25 years, Shipload has conducted and completed approximately 10,000 safe STS operations between vessels of varying sizes, for various cargoes such as, crude oil, petroleum, LPG and chemicals. STS operations are conducted at the following locations: Karimun, Nipah, Tg. Pelepas, Tg. Bruas, Pasir Gudang, Labuan, Kota Baru, Van Phong Bay, Tabun, Hong Kong, Yoesu South Korea and on numerous occasions, at the South China Sea. Also, with such frequency in STS transfer operations, Shipload owns its own STS equipment and diligently maintains them to ensure stellar performance of the highest degree, adopting an overall professional and extensive approach to safety without compromising any standards.

Primarily a small business that operated locally and rented its tugs and equipment, years have seen the company unfailingly and steadily scale an up-hill slope toward success. In 1988 during its year of commence, Shipload had only a single set of rented fenders and hoses, and spot chartered tugs. Breakthrough progress began in 1993, when Shipload purchased its first supply of equipment as it continued spot chartering tugs. This gained the attention of British Petroleum (BP), resulting in a contract secured between the two companies. Following shortly after in 1997, a risk assessment conducted by BP on Karimun Transhipment Anchorage (KTA) resulted in Shipload’s involvement, making it the first maritime company to carry out STS operations in that region. This marked the start of many positive changes and achievements for Shipload, as such opportunities led to the company securing a second contract in 1999, this time with ExxonMobil. With an excellent track record in ship-handling and the company’s vigilant pledge to excellence, Shipload was then awarded the ISO 9001 Certificate on 5th October 2001 for its outstanding conduct and performance for its Ship-to-Ship operations, maintaining this status till this day.

2003 proved a prosperous year for the company, as Shipload acquired its very first tugboat and increased its equipment stock to meet growing market demands. The company also took great initiative, expanding its borders by boldly taking on occasional STS operations in other regions such as India, Korea and Hong Kong. In 2007, CIMB Investment Banking became the largest shareholder of Shipload, allowing business to take off further than ever before.

Extending its reach further, 2008 saw Shipload securing yet another contract, this time with Russia’s Sakhalin Energy, and by 2009, Shipload had expanded its trade and services internationally. The company concluded the year marvelously by securing its status as an STS provider of Shell.

When 2010 rolled in, Shipload flagged its first Indonesian tugboat and during the same year, in light of its consistent achievements, the company commenced its first round of recruitment and training of ASEAN POACs to meet Marpol Regulations. Shipload’s rapid expansion continued further into 2011 and 2012, where it opened a base in Van Phong Bay and set up operations in Malaysia, respectively. Within these two years, Shipload also secured its very first floater (LPG) and was specially invited by BP to tender for the position of a global STS provider. What’s more impressive was that Shipload was the only Asian STS provider invited to take on such a role.

 Finally catching up to the present, 2013 places Shipload in a favorable position with its acquisition of a 2nd Indonesian flagged tugboat, the chartering of three tugboats, and owning a total of eight sets of fenders and hoses. Not to mention its current listing of 12 qualified, experienced and reliable POACs, as well as the employment of nine trusty-worthy back-office staff to keep things ship-shape and operations running smoothly.

 In Shipload, safety always takes precedence and the company and its staff takes extra care to live up to its notable reputation. Self-reliant, Shipload conducts regular inspections and tests on all its STS equipment, making sure they adhere to international safety standards. Thorough checks are also conducted bi-annually by all clients. Most importantly, Shipload strikes a balance between its jobs and nature, making environmental protection one of the company’s defining principles. With zero oil spills and zero fatalities, Shipload remains vigilant and ensures the utmost safety of its marine-related assignments.

 Honored with the approval and compliments from major oil companies like that of ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron, and British Petroleum (BP), Shipload has come a long way, standing tall amidst competition. Ultimately a company you can trust and rely on no matter the scale of the operation, Shipload remains a strong upholder of its long-time belief: “If a job cannot be done safely, it shall not be done.”

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Shipload Maritime Pte Ltd 25th Anniversary Article - Sept 2013