Shipload Maritime Pte Limited – Keeping our staff and crew updated with the latest: Shipload Maritime Pte Ltd keeps our STS Operations team updated with in classroom training as well as with onsite drills to ensure that they keep up with the latest, safest and environmentally friendly practices.


The Nipah OSR Level 1 Response Team, PT SMPL INDONESIA & PT ASINUSA successfully completed training for IMO OSPC LEVEL 1 Oil spill response conducted by  PT RESPONSE MULTI DIMENSI. PT RESPONSE MULTI DIMENSI is an Indonesian training company certified to conduct IMO OSPC Module courses by DIRECTORATE GENERAL SEA TRANSPORTATION (Permenhub No: 58/2013) and whose certificates are endorsed BY (Hubla) and are recognised by IMO.

Training for First batch : May 3-4, 2016 at Bataam, Indonesia

Training for Second batch : May 18-19, 2016 at Bataam, Indonesia


On June 13, 2016, upon Harbormaster  P. Sambu’s  approval, his team witnessed  the PT SMPL  together with the PT Asinusa, (Nipah STS anchorage permit holder)  performing the  OSR Tier 1 Level – Offshore Oil Containment Boom Deployment and Skimmer Recovery Drill at Nipah Anchorage (Lat 01 08.53N   Long 103 38 81E)

PT SMPL INDONESIA  operators Support craft MALILI & CELEBES  both participated  in the OSR equipment drill.